June 22, 2008

Penang, here we come!

Date: 19th June 2008
Participants: 4 excited Law graduates
Venue: LCCT
“Girl!!!!” there goes my mom at 6.30 a.m. 19th June.
And knowing that I have trouble sleeping and also waking up, I slept where they could see me clearly; in my brother’s room with the doors wide open.
After a very quick shower, prayers and the compulsory panic due to some unpacked stuff, my mom sent me to Subang. And after some unwelcomed delays (Batss we don’t blame you, no), we headed off to LCCT.
Once we reached LCCT, we headed to the counter, claimed our tickets and checked in our bags. Not knowing what else to do, we went through the gate, bought some goodies and sat while we munched and snapped pictures of here, there and everywhere. Even berangan-ed that we were in Kuching. Next trip perhaps, girls? Ngee.
To be utterly honest, I was still very hungry after the Twiggies and Mocha, but I was determined to save my tummy for Penang as the sole purpose of this trip was to verify the fact that Penang is the ultimate food haven. (though you will see later that that’s not all it turned out to be, girls being girls)
This is the first time we have gone on a trip together. After all these years, we finally get to go. So, it was really quite an experience for us.

Nnad, H & Batss at LCCT

Jaja and the 2 of them

I wanta go to Kuching next. Ngee. Berangan :P

Date: 19th June 2008
Participants: 4 hungry Law graduates
Venue: AK 6318
We went through the isle looking for good seats and since we were kiasu enough (hehehehe), we managed. Interestingly, all 4 of us were seated at the emergency doors of each side of the plane (this fact I didn’t know of until I was informed by the steward)
After a few minutes chit chatting with Jaja, we resumed to reading our newspapers which we got at LCCT. And I think I was just at page 4 when they announced, “Kapal terbang ini akan mendarat dalam masa beberapa minit”. I peered through the side of my paper and looked at Jaja. Then we laughed and laughed like nobody’s business. Nnad and Batss on the other side of the isle were laughing their heads off too. Apparently they were just getting warm telling each other of how to play card games.

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