June 17, 2008

yes, Tan Sri

Up. Down. Up. Down. Went his head.

“You’re not Hadi.”

“No, Tan Sri.”

“Where’s Hadi?”

“Absent, Tan Sri”

“So, Hanisa?”

“Yes, Tan Sri”

And the rest is history. I think I did okay (I think la) and now I’m hoping for the best. I was hoping they would tell us the results immediately, but since there’s another session today, like right about now, I think they decided to hold the results ‘til later so that those going for the interview today wouldn’t be overly overjoyed (or disheartened) by whatever the results of the interview are.

That aside, I’m totally relieved by the fact that one of the biggest hurdles in my life has passed. I may get it and I may not. If I do not, then, I’ll probably start thinking of something else to do.

After talking to Mr. Sir today, I felt alot more enlightened about life itself. Since he said that I didn’t fit the Lee H profile, I asked him which firm I would blend in the best and he said it must be a very, very young firm, since I’m blessed with insurmountable amounts of energy. So, they must be able to catch up with me. Ngee.

He thought it was a waste for me to go to Chambers. I don’t know why. “Wasted talent”, he said. “You and your friends.” I’m flattered, but I don’t really know what talent we’ve got apart from eating platefuls of Chillis and platefuls of everything else, while not really being able to stop talking.

But never mind that, I’m not going to think of anything else other than this Thursday, unless we get the call on Thursday telling us of our fate with the AG’s Chambers.

Please pray they do not send me to Tawau. There’s nothing wrong with Tawau, really. I just have trouble with the distance. And this was one of the answers I gave him when he asked me.

And by the way... what is Act 174? Or Act 1? Or Act.. any number? Siapalah yang ingat agaknye?


Iezu said...

i'm not sure whether ur last question was a rhetorical one or not...

but in any case, akta 174 is the one that governs uitm...

freespirited12 said...

ahahaha. it was rhetorical but i only knew that that's the Act number yesterday. they had a good laugh at me, and i innocently said, "im sorry, tan sri, but i really do not remember the numbers..."

ahahaha. oh, they had a good laugh at me yesterday :))

but thanks, anyways ok :)

Batz said...

Wow the AG personally asked u qtns! and btw, Hadi was absent? *tsk tsk* i guess he finally made up his mind to join Shook Lin eh. haha..

I guess i'll be with u girls when u get THE call! So all u girls will belanja me k?. yeay!!!!

freespirited12 said...

yeah, it was pretty awesome actually. he's alot like the son, in some respects, really :)

and yes, we will be with u when we get THE call. but before we belanja u, you hafta belanja us 3 first for being accepted to Skrine. thhihiihih :))

fiqss said...

yes yes please dont send kakak away to tawau. nanti i wont have a casual driver to OU =p =p

SeanAzmi said...

HANEESA!!! so what's wrong with Tawau?? hahaha...tergagap gagap kau kan...nak2 lagi Act 1 is what?? hehehe...

freespirited12 said...

aahahaha. casual driver to OU? bijak kamu ye. ahahah.

memang la aku gagap ok. buat ada head of division from tawau, mampuih aku ter-offend diorg pulak nanti. ahahhaha. kau dah tau act 1 apakah? :P

SeanAzmi said...

Act 1 adalah Revision of Laws Act 1968

dzulfadzli said...

ayat paling best session aku

"you see that door? please leave now"

Don Corleone said...

aku akan meninggal kan korang dan berenang ke arah middle rock!! bodoh!!! cheh, aku pun blur, tambah nervous!!! ahahahahah mampus la... and again, im too healthy to be a drug addict!!!!