June 16, 2008


Since I’ve been rambling about everything else from not being able to sleep to unexpected yeses to eventful weekends to crazy friends, not many people know that I’ll be going for my third job interview today, with the AG.

Today. iwillmostprobablybeaskedaboutthingsidontwantabeasked



It’s crazy because... how would you feel when you are to meet the top man himself? And the things I’ve heard aren’t at all pretty, though I hope he won’t be too tough on us (on me, especially).

Just wish me all luck in the world okay. I’m freaking out though I must say I haven’t been doing that much about it.

Please, please, please, Allah, don’t abandon me now.

And Hanisa, please don’t fail yourself. You’ve come this far.



SeanAzmi said...

sumpah lawak part calon menantu tu... sampai skrg aku tak faham relevannya dia kuarkan statment tu...hahahaa

ieja said...

Omigosh, good luck Kakak!! :)
Just be you, and you'll be just fine =)

freespirited12 said...

adakah menantu yang meticulous itu penting untuk menjadi seorang drafter? adakah? adakah? wahahahha. aku jugak tak brapa nak paham la mi. tapi kak sehebat luke di middle rocks ok. awahahahahaha :))

thanks dear! it was ok in the end. tho he did threat to send me to tawau! wuwuwuwuwuw