June 03, 2008

Biluabing. Soxy. & Licci

I’ve never really been a big fan of branded clothes; not even those from the not-so-expensive range. I’ve always known that if I bought those, I’d be buying the brand more than anything, so, I settle for clothes with no label instead and my, my, I did manage to save alot.

It’s a trend nowadays to get apparel online. There are so many online boutiques that we’re all really spoilt for choice. I like looking at them, but I’ve never placed orders before. I like to see and try on my purchase because someone might look absolutely gorgeous with one top on her back and I might end up looking like a gunny sack instead.

So, when I’m in the mood, I take a drive to one of the best shopping havens; Sg. Wang.

I always thought that it was really far from home. That’s probably because I used to commute alot on public transport (buses especially) that a trip to town seemed like forever. But after my friend proved that it was not a long drive at all, I frequented the place since they have quite nice pieces and also I needn’t worry about asking for sizes since they catered for people like me.

So, today, I was in the mood since Lil’ Sis was around to go crazy with me.

It was okay. I don’t have gazillions of ringgit to spend, so I didn’t go crazy. Things are cheap as always, but I managed to keep it all under control this time round.

I did manage to get a nice top though. I’m in love with a certain blue; like purple but not quite. Some websites call it electric blue, but I know that mine’s not. Last time, I grabbed a top, which looked lovely on the doll and paid for it without actually thinking, only to find that it didn’t suit me very well, when I got back home.

Ended up giving that to Lil’ Sis.

So, I bought myself something else which looks lovely (at least to me) and I’m satisfied. Though the parking was more expensive than my lunch, and I should have bought more since I drove all the way, it’s all good.

The title on top?


It’s just from our humble observations:

Biluabing: Billabong

Soxy: Roxy



Oh, we couldn’t stop laughing. Hahhahaha

Don’t know why we didn’t snap any pictures though... hmm..

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