June 25, 2008

Babak Tiga: Bangun Awal

Date: 21st June 2008
Venue: Pasar

A nice, long bath and prayers and we were all ready to go! So determined we were not to repeat yesterday’s mistake, we all woke up early to make sure we got to taste the infamous mee campoq that Nnad had been talking about since day 1.

We arrived so early (for us at least because the Pasar was already swamped with families eating their breakfast) that the Auntie Mee Ekonomi shop was not opened yet.

So, Nnad’s aunties ordered roti canai for us to share while we waited for the auntie to finish frying the noodles. But no, we didn’t want the roti canai as bad as we wanted the noodles. We finished the roti canai though and I must say that there’s something about Penang which makes the food extra delicious, no matter how simple the dish. Must be the salt water, eh? Ahahhaha.
we demand the mee campoQ!
I was very tempted by the array of kuih they sold but knowing that I couldn’t down much food in the morning; I resisted all temptation while I waited (patiently) for my noodles to arrive.
The noodle was a mixture of vermicelli and also yellow noodles, fried and served with sambal. So simple, yet simply yummy. And we were of course 4 happy little girls after that.
4 happy and full girls!

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