June 24, 2008

hari dua, babak satu

in the car waiting in line to board the ferry

i love this shot

i love these girls

and i love signs!
Date: 20th June 2008
Venue: Penang Ferry
“Hanii, bangun.” That was Jaja waking me up for my Subuh prayers.
After prayers, I snuggled back under the extremely comfortable comforter. It’s no wonder that it’s given that name. So much for wanting to go to the beach early in the morning, all of us woke up close to 9 a.m.! What would be left of the beach by the time all 4 of us got ready?
After a quick shower, we went downstairs for some breakfast. I had the extremely delicious, mouth watering chocolate cake which Nnad’s auntie baked, kuih serabai, which is lempeng with kuah ubi (kata Abdul) and also some seri muka, which I shared with Batss.
It wasn’t much yet I was quite full still from the many meals I had the day before.
Then, time to unravel the beauties which Penang boasts of. Initially, the plan was to go to the beach in the morning and then finish all the sightseeing in town later in the evening. But then, we ended up crossing the bridge from the island to the mainland and took the ferry back to the island.
The last time I crossed that bridge was a very, very long time ago. So long ago that I cannot even remember. It was quite an experience for us. Batss and I were 2 of the more adventurous ones and so we went to the lower deck to be nearer to the sea. Saw some jellyfishes floating but didn’t manage to snap any photos of those deadly creatures.
Other than that, we just enjoyed the wind blowing in our faces, while we waited to reach the island.

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