June 04, 2008

necessary evil?

Money? Of course. That’s a necessary evil. Especially now with the fuel price hike, the rise in food prices; it has become the necessary evil.

What more can I say?

Nothing exactly. It’s not that I have control over it.

No matter how many blog entries people write.

No matter how many letters they send to the government expressing dissatisfaction.

This is all the number one has to say:

“takyah la nak sibuk-sibuk demonstrasi”

Rubbing salt on an open wound don’t you think? And not to mention curah minyak ke api.

Cari pasal agaknya?

Perhaps, just perhaps, he should have consoled us a tiny bit before saying that.

Other than that, I’m just going to keep on staying with the girl in Times Square.

And oh, I’ve gained a tiny bit of weight. Can you believe that?

Who said I was incapable of doing that?

Haha. Gembira sangat padan muka. Now, wheel turned and I’m back down. Padan muka jugak.

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