June 13, 2008

cherish the love we have

So much for setting two alarms, I ended up waking up just a little bit earlier than normal when K.maya came stomping up my stairs reminding that I had to go to Shah Alam today. Yes, my maid, whom I now refuse to call a maid, since she’s like family, knows everything that everyone is going to do in a day (especially me since I’m here all the time).

Known for my ability to shower real fast, I did just that (with sabun, of course) and got ready, while speaking on the phone with Jaja, panicking over God knows what since I had to submit something to the Dekan by today.

3 messages came in while I was driving. Three messages with the same content, telling me of the same thing. I didn’t know what to do or how to react. Though we all know that this is probably the best for him, but still, after all that they have gone through, it all seems surreal.

Al-fatihah and Yassin to Aizam’s father and condolences to Aizam and her family.

But I could not make it to the burial since it’s going to be held in Tanjung Malim. But anyone who knows when the tahlil in Kepong is, please keep me informed? Would like to go together...

Picked up my transcript in Shah Alam along with Jaja’s and Nnad’s. Then, ran some other errands which are all overdue.

Since I was in Subang to send the girls’ transcript, I called Hood up and hanged out with her for a while. Thank you dearest for the lunch. Uncle Lim's roti bakar is scrumptious! I think all of us need to do this more often since we hardly ever get to meet. Our free time is numbered and so, let us cherish each other now shall we?

Just dial Kakak on your phone when you’re in TTDI, The Curve, or OU or even Uptown and that would make me very happy, even if I am not able to join sometimes.

It’s high time that we cherish everyone that we have before we don’t have them anymore.

Speaking of which, the thought of mending gaps and building bridges over the “rift” has crossed my mind more than twice this week. Should I?

big hugs are our forte


yayahafiza said...

dearest kakak,
nice to see u hanging around with hood...just wanna tell u, ring me if u're in this lovely Perlis (if i`m still at home la..kalo dh xdok perlis cmne nk hangout kn)...hehehe...life at home is so boring...asyek makan-tido je...heheh....take care...

freespirited12 said...

ahaha.itu la. kalau datang kl pon talifon la saya yang busan ni.number kakak je kot yang tak penah tuka dari form 5, so no excuse to those yang lalu lalang di sini dan tak contact!

u take care aera. cuti mmg busan tapi dah kerja nanti lagiiiiiiii busann.

so mari kita buat pakatan makan-tido-berjaya :P

[YeOp] said...

eh, that's hood, my coursemate at utp!

oh no wonder, korang satu sekolah rupanya ;)

p/s: we dunno each other. takpe kan komen2 at ur blog. hehe..

freespirited12 said...

to yeop!

yeap, if ur in utp, u should know hood then.

tidak mengapa, saya takisa orang tinggal comments, asal jangan mengarut, saya tak approve!

salam perkenalan :)