June 25, 2008

Babak Tiga: Must we Go? Can we stay?

Back at the "hotel", after a few games of Pictionary, A came to pick me up.
The girls gave me a release form from being their travel partner today so that I could have the day off to be my boyfriend’s partner. Ehehehhe.
Since I already had my breakfast, I didn’t order when A ate his big breakfast at McD. Hah! Orang Penang makan fast food! Kita yang excited cari makanan. Hahahahahah.
Then, we talked and drove around Penang.
tau je orang nak snap his pic..

He treated me to lunch at Noodle Station at E-Gate.
Can you even handle one of me? Let’s see how you handle 3 of me!
saya wajib rasa apa abdul order okay!

i love it when he takes my pictures!

How can I not love you? A and his lazy eyes :)

Then, we went shopping at Tesco. I love shopping at hypermarkets and we don’t get to do these things very often together, so even that was a bonus for us.
After shopping, off to the airport we went! I hate departures, but thank God I wasn’t alone. At least my sadness could be buffered by the lovely company of my lovely friends.
crying shoulder, laughing partner :)
silly lovers, best of friends

Half day well spent. I wish we had more moments like this.
Thank you to Nnad’s aunties for being a sport and for being superb hosts! Thank you for the endless food supplies, for the informative introductions to the many interesting places in Penang, for everything!
And to the girls I love, thank you for giving an extremely memorable trip. We should do this more often, shouldn’t we?
As I sat in the Sky Bus waiting for it to depart, I saw the girls leaving for Subang in the car. We waved and waved like we would never see each other again. Sometimes, we find friendship in the strangest of time and place and space...
this was truly a trip to remember... a lovely treat for the many things we've been through together...


jaja said...

i bought the baju for my sistas...hehe...the ones with the skulls n they love em

freespirited12 said...

ahaha. yeah, but jannah loves the stars more!

but i told her i got the stars because im honeystar so starry top is for honeystar!