June 24, 2008

Fort Cornwallis and Botanical Gardens

Fort Cornwallis Lighthouse

and one wajib sillypose. nheeheh

Date: 20th July 2008
Venue: Fort Cornwallis & Botanical Gardens

This was one of the earliest forts built by Francis Light when he first landed in Penang. So, we took pictures at the back door of the fort since the front entrance was quite a distance away. Batss and I braved our hearts to climb the many steps up the Fort Cornwallis Lighthouse. At first we were counting how many steps we were. Half way through we were starting to feel a little bit giddy from the height and stopped counting as there were too many things to concentrate on i.e will I fall off these tiny little steps if I don’t pay attention to where I am going and what I am stepping on?
We managed to get a few good shots from up above. The scenery from the lighthouse is breathtaking! We saw the bluish green waters clearer and it seemed as if we were just as tall as all the other buildings. It was a bonus that the lighthouse has a viewing range of 16 nautical miles away, so you can imagine the scenery from up there.
cantik kan?

It was getting quite warm after the climb and it was lunch hour. Tummies were grumbling and we all knew we were ready for a nice, cold drink somewhere. But first! Botanical gardens, here we come! The thing about our country is that is swamped with so many beautiful things; flowers, luscious trees, lovely waterfalls. The only problem is the scorching weather. Nonetheless, we enjoyed the botanical gardens and took pictures with the pretty flowers.
pretty girls :P and pretty flowers at the botanical gardens

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