June 08, 2008

the legendary weekend...


our own versions of Remi and Sally :)

girls: Shaz, Hanan and myself

the guys: Amir, Fairiz, Ryan and Abdul

I love plays. When the curtains opened yesterday, I felt adrenaline rush through my veins. Somehow, it brought back memories of college years; those sleepless nights, those endless fights, the anxiety and joy; everything. Only this time, I was the one watching the play while my heartstrings were continuously pulled at and I was continuously tickled by the endless silly jokes they made.

Indeed, P.Ramlee the musical is a great tribute to the great man we all have come to know of and love. We might not have lived during the era that he lived in but he continues living in our lives even so long after his demise.

I have never seen such great talents on stage. I have never seen so many stars put together in one play. The acting was flawless, believable, convincing and their voices! Don’t get me started on their voices because they are just so talented there’s no question about it. And the props! My God, I do not know how much work they put into setting up and preparing the props because they are all so real! I especially loved the train station scene, with mobile coaches and real smoke. And I loved the flamboyant and stunning costumes though some of them were a little bit too gaudy for my liking. But anyhow, it was a good play as a whole. 10 thumbs up!

Who is this man Musley Ramlee? Is he related to the late P.Ramlee because he looks and sounds 85% like the great legend himself! When he came on stage, I thought I was seeing the Legend himself coming back from the dead! And I’ve never really been a fan of any of the actors and actresses but in the end, I just had to give them a standing ovation. They received and deserved the standing ovation for the amount of work they put in into making the play happen.

And Shaz told me that this is way, way better than the first season, so I’m glad we went to this one since I missed the first round.

After the play ended, I was quite reluctant to queue to get signatures and photos. Luckily Ryan was insistent else I’d regret it until now. I managed to get a picture with Remi and Sally. (though for the life of me I really don’t know whose picture I barged into, like I care anyways :P)

with me yang muka berminyak tak tahan.

Ryan yang pemalu

gambar which i barged in dengan tak malunya :P

So, I had a really, really good time this weekend.

Thank you to Fairiz, Ryan and Amir for the tickets. Thank you to Abdul for giving me a superb weekend. Many thanks to Shaz and Hanan, too for hanging out with us. Would love to hang out with ALL of us again someday, soon.

And my mom was surprisingly cool about me coming back a little bit late. Though I actually know that’s only because she knew that Abdul was driving, coming back and sleeping over at our place. But it was all in good fun. I’d really love to have more eventful weekends like this.

And I hate departures and Fairiz just had to point that out. I do hate departures but just now I did not cry. Okay?

But now, I’m all good and I feel like I need a deep and long sleep.

There are some things that I need to settle tomorrow and I have to settle it fast.


ieja said...

Ohhh Kakakkk =)
I went to the play jugak! Last 1st June and it was incredibly superb punya memang all the way blood rush and super duper excited :))
Best gila! =)

And I totally agree, Musly Ramlee tu hebat sangat lah. But I prefer Norizan lagi dari Sally, since I like Melissa Saila punya acts the best.

Oh my oh my, nak comment pon dah jadi super excited nih :P

nadira si parisian-wannabe said...

neesa,when i first saw your tickets,i quickly checked the date.manala tau kita pg the same day! but no,mine is tomorrow nite! hehe..i dh pg yg first one but since ur fren ckp this one is better, mmg tak rugi i pg lagi sekali!!! ok see u soon.btw u look super gorgeous n chic in that baju!!

freespirited12 said...

i did read ur post about you going to the play and i do not regret checking it out myself!

and i did like norizan better, only didn't get to snap a pic with her since they were ushering her in already.

maybe we should do a gath at istana budaya???

bring back all those good old time memories, eh? :)

freespirited12 said...

nad nad!! you're back!

have fun at the play, okay. it is superb and my friend said so too like so many times. this is better, better, better. you won't regret it. and i wouldn't mind watching it again too :)

about the baju, it was just one of those "love at first sight" buys.

come go shopping with me la :)
we can get batss' prezzie too!
see you soon, darl!

boxerfreak said...

dekat abdul tamau cakap apa apake? tima kasih ke apa ke?

freespirited12 said...

Thank you to Abdul for giving me a superb weekend. ----> ni saya dah cakap dah kat abdul :)

because you gave me the most fun that night :)

us running away from ryan and shaz and oso seeing that mamat guling2 on the road after that accident.

so, yes, you did give me fun and i did say thank you :)