June 02, 2008

so random

Woke up to Adik banging the door. Since I promised to be her (friend’s) chauffeur today, I had to wake up the moment she woke me up; that was the agreement.

As we were going down the stairs, she told me that Bapak told her that I must move my stuff from downstairs into Abang’s room or my room and sort it out from there. I was kind of pissed that I argued. No no no no no. I don’t want to move the stuff because I don’t have any more room anywhere in this room, okay. And then K.May informed me the same and I said no no no no no also, arguing, arguing all the way down the flight of stairs.

Then, when I was about to go down to get my coffee, I heard Bapak’s engine and I smelled his Dunhill. Alamak. He was still around lah, didn’t go to work yet and there I was defying his orders. Uh-oh. So, I stood still upstairs and waited until he left for work before I went downstairs for breakfast. But we’re all cool now. He knows I don’t like to be told to do stuff because I just don’t like to be told. I’ll do them myself. Ngee. I can be so spoilt sometimes.

So, since orders were issued, I had no choice but to move my stuff. I did start on something few days back after I made that list, but then, I’m still not in the mood to do anything like redecorating or arranging or ridding of the unnecessary. Tengah malas okay.

I’m kind of proud of myself right now because the room is no longer a mess. After 4 years of having 2 homes, I now realise that I have more than 10 bantals, loads of bedsheets, books which weigh more than 100 of me, and which if stacked would be taller than my room and I basically have loads and loads of stuff, some of which I cannot even remember buying. Aiyark.

And so, it puzzles me that I so want to go out for retail therapy right now because even thoughI no longer have any space anywhere. It is not helping that Adik has asked me whether or not we have plans tomorrow because she was hoping that we had plans. Dia dah siap folio okay, so she can jalan-jalan now. hihi.

Probably I’ll bake some stuff tomorrow and if I do, I’ll post some pictures. I’m going out to buy some cupcake tins tomorrow. This makes me very, very happy indeed.

And this post is so random.


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