May 31, 2008

must dos

In chronological order:

a. Get all my clothes from downstairs, abang’s room and also here in my room. Lipat, gantung, whichever is sesuai.

b. Put these on the bed where I can see them. Clearly.

c. Make room in my wardrobe because the cupboard’s spilling already. I can’t hang anything anymore for fear that it breaks.

d. Get all my accessories and nicely pair them up.

e. Get rid of them, by giving them to Adik.

f. Reorganise notes and books from this past year, especially. They’re all over the place.

g. Put them on shelves (yang dah penuh)

h. Okay, buy new shelves, since dah penuh.

i. Ask abang if he’s keen on switching rooms, perhaps? But I bet he has more stuff to bring back after 4 years from now.

j. Maybe I should consider looking for a place of my own? Bapak seems agreeable to it. (surprisingly) He said my room is like store room now. ngee.

k. Prepare for upcoming interview(s). I don’t know whether or not to reply to Shell. They’ve invited me for second round. It would be such a waste not to practice Law after these 5 gruelling years, kan? My heart’s kind of set on the AG’s actually. I should start preparing on this one more I guess.

l. Stop writing and start cleaning.

m. Stop getting distracted by stuff I find in the midst of cleaning and start seriously cleaning.

n. Stop daydreaming.

o. Stop getting distracted with yummy smells coming from the kitchen.

p. Start reminding myself that I’m already 23 and should act like it.

q. Stop writing all this crap.

r. Stop updating my blog every 5 seconds.

s. Start collecting stuff from downstairs and start bringing them upstairs.

t. start throwing junk away.

u. Stop writing.

v. Stop writing.

w. Stop being depressed about this room.

x. Stop it, stop it.

y. Start thinking of a plan.

z. I’m surprised I’m still here. hish. Aren't you?

I just have to verbalise all this, you know. I’m often sidetracked by unnecessary things. I should start now. I’ll get lazier and lazier if I don’t start now.

Okay, off I go. (I hope I will start something, somewhere)

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