May 17, 2008

family love :)

After having missed so many family gatherings this past year, finally, I got to join the fun last night. It’s surprising to see how much everyone has grown and how changed everyone is. After years of being the odd one out due to differences in generation (kononnya lah kan), there are some things that we all finally have in common.

I’m shocked at how open and social kids nowadays have become. Bases? WTH?? I was gaping in utter disbelieve yesterday while they filled me in with the stories in school. Base one, base two and base three... how shocking! Oral sex and sex for girls and boys of wee ages of 13-17? Where did all the innocence of adolescent years disappear? Boy, am I glad Mira is in boarding school. Even then, we can’t be so sure now, can we?

When asked as to where on earth these teens got the audacity to defy the norms of this Eastern society, my cousins told me that they picked these things up from movies (which I bet are supposedly 18SX but watched anyways) and generally from the media which seems to portray that such socialising patterns are healthy.

Some even regard porn as a norm; like a must-watch or something. Why is everyone just full of lust nowadays? It’s quite alot to swallow, you know, these stories coming from high school girls.

On the lighter side of things, the food was superb yesterday, especially the Kuey Teow. Though I must say that Jiki has yet met its competitor. But the pulut and kuah durian... hmmm.. yummylicious. And the company was nothing short of fantastic last night. We had more photo shoots than we could handle, but as usual, it’s going to be tough getting the pictures off Nina because she seldom goes online. Ngee

And the conversation and jokes and just the overall ambience was really very relaxing. I wish we had more moments like this. We all need to bond more, I think. Don’t want to regret not knowing who they are one day.

Abang and Adek, I miss you :(

Alamak, emo pulak. Off to solat :)

sarah ah, eka and nina

nina, farah, moi, syuk and eka

nina and I

these kids are adorable lah, kan?

don't we all look nice? :)

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