May 15, 2008

moving on...

I’m officially free of work, as of this morning at 8.15. My ties with UiTM were officially severed (subject to getting a release letter, interview and God forbid, supple paper). Now that I’m free, I don’t know what to do. Isn’t it ironic how much we want free time yet know nothing of how to spend it? That’s human, I guess.

So, to make life more fulfilling (I’m trying hard to do this one), I started working (more like editing actually) on my resume. Okay, it isn’t really mine because I didn’t draft it; it was Abdul’s. But it landed him several jobs, so I reckon it must be a really good one.

And here I am browsing through If it weren’t for me being bound to JPA, I would have probably applied for all these interesting jobs I see listed. It’s ironic, you see; and I think this was the topic my brother and I talked about yesterday. I’ve been studying law for 5 years now. And mind you, 5 gruelling years isn’t at all a short period of time. No sirree.

Throughout these 9 semesters, I only failed to get DL once. And no, I am not bragging. I’m just trying to come to my point. This means that I can do well in this field which I have chosen to study. Yet, after all these years, I still don’t and cannot find passion in any subject in particular.

Upon reflection, I realised that I actually just love working things out. If I can’t get along with people, I try and get along. If I didn’t know a subject, I make sure I know. If I don’t like to study, I try to like to study. All in all, I’ve been trying my utmost best in doing everything that I’m faced with; thus there lies the secret to my success all these years. Not so secret, don’t you think?

So, you see. there is really nothing special in scoring for your exams when in your heart, there are so many other things you want to do; like travelling, shopping and just renewing almost severed ties with old friends whom I have (unintentionally) abandoned. There’s nothing I would like to do right now other than getting away from the legal fraternity for a bit. I know this is a very dangerous thing to wish upon, I know. It might prove to be detrimental to me. But... do you get it when you just feel like doing something totally different than what you have learnt?

And it doesn’t help that is currently enticing me with all kinds of weird albeit interesting positions, which are (I think) worth giving a try. The only problem with working life is that it’s no longer like those part time jobs which we once did, which we could leave when we felt like we’ve gained enough from it. Now and this time round, it’s just different. We need to consider all options carefully before we actually come to a job most suited for us (in the words of Batsss). Yet, at the same time, I’m getting more and more jittery looking at people applying for jobs (and getting them!) while I sit here wondering whether I should start applying or whether I should just wait until my results come out, then decide.

The results are just in 3 weeks time! Wish me luck people. Meanwhile, I’ll have to find ways and means to make up to people whom I have not been in touch with. Sometimes, I just wish I could make them understand...

Toodles people! Back to I go. Let’s hope I don’t make the wrong decisions... let’s hope I’ll find something I’m really, really passionate about. AMIN...


fiqss said...

hey,gluck with ur results =)
i reckon ure gonna do great.
amin =)

freespirited12 said...

hey... thnks girl! i'm going to need all that luck and doa! hey, now that im free, let's meet up okay?