May 10, 2008

balas dendam terhadap penat

these are pictures from the night before Civil Procedure

mamita and her pink hp

Advanced Civil Procedure II... it took the cool out of EVERYONE!

I didn’t think that my post exam celebrations would begin THIS early. Seriously. I thought I’d take a day off to recuperate and sleep before going out. But then, everyone is full of vengeance; imagine a year of deprivation of good entertainment and something other than studies and work to talk about (for me at least). So, yes, the celebrations began... immediately after the last paper.

Tak berapa sedar diri that we’ve still got lots of work to. Hihiih. Whatever.

So, won’t tell much, I’m just going to post pictures so that you can see how coocoo we’ve all become after a year of LLB Honours programme. :)

picnic with FA and FP


karaoke at Klang... these ppl will be greatly missed!

there are actually more pictures to come but i haven't got them off Lee yet. i'll update once available. i think i have to get down to work because we have to submit OP on Monday. now how crappy is that, huh?

i'm just hoping that i actually have enough money for retail therapy right now. i just need to buy something to take this stress out of meeeeee

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