May 04, 2008

Breakfast. Alien doughnut, toasted bread, meatloaf and omelette. Yes, I am a siput with a very big tummy. I don’t care. The exams, or more like the next 2 papers are taking the cool out of me. To begin with, I never had that much cool anyways where final exams are concerned! So, yes, go figure the state I am currently in right now. It is not a very good state of mind, body and soul... AT ALL.

I’m currently reading for my Criminal Procedure paper. It’s supposedly not so tough because everything is inside the statute and Tuan Lee does not really mind if you failed to list down 20 cases for each point you’re trying to make. After all, he’s not Daddy Jesh. But despite all that, his paper is giving me butterflies in my tummy. Grrrrrrrr....

Shoot, shoot, shoot. Bang, die.

I’m so dead, especially if I continue to not do anything but complain.

So, I’m going to get down to work now. Ting tong. Goodbye.

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