May 20, 2008

i've got my heart set

I’ve never fallen in love this badly. Never. Remember what people say about love being blind? This is one of those rare moments when I know that no matter what other people offer me, my mind and heart is set on this one and only one. I cannot take my mind off it. There are so many other alternatives yet I do not want them. I want this one and this one only.

look at these pictures!

Who can resist this beautifully done dress? You tell me if you can! The lovely semi V neck cutting and the tiny, pretty little buttons at the back which holds everything together perfectly!

The only problem is that... it’s freaking sold out! Everything is sold out and I didn’t get there in time! I’ve never really been a big fan of internet shopping but this particular top has made me check online shopping blogs more often now just in case they sell other more interesting pieces which are to die for!

So, I am not wrong to fall in love, correct? You cannot take the girly girl out of me no matter how grown I’ve become :D

perhaps you can get your own share of good clothes at this Pumpkin website

if anyone finds something similar to this at anywhere, please, please tell me. and if you know me well enough, just get me one in size S and charge it on me. I've really got my heart set.

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