May 30, 2008

silly little nothings

warning: a bit emo post

I love writing things to myself. Somehow, it keeps me saner. And right now, I’m a tad bit insane because my room’s oh, my house is actually, a mess since I have conveniently parked my stuff at every nook and cranny of the living room, abang’s room and my room which looks vacant to me.

It’s driving me nuts, no joking.

I have a musang living on my roof. It makes noises and walks about. But we always hit the ceiling with a penyapu so that it’s aware that we’re around.

I’ve nothing better to do (when actually I do) than to look at old friendster testimonials and profiles of people I know (and don’t know) macam stalker, I know, but I’m bored. Where did all the fun go to huh? We all had so much fun together. My friends used to just drop by my page to drop silly little nothings.

So, where are we all now? I know people have moved to FB, but still, it’s so quiet there. I’ve just lost contact with everyone. So busy with our busy, busy lives now. It’s So sad.

And we’ve both stopped sending silly little countdowns to each other before we meet. Maybe it’s because we can never plan on meeting anymore because we’re so far away now. That makes me kind of sad too.

Or maybe we’ve just grown older and grown out of it?

That makes me sad too.

We’re all growing so fast and forgetting to enjoy the moment.

I don’t know why I’ve gone all emo. It’s like this every time we part. Every. Single. Time.

Only now, I’ve got the time to put it into so many words.

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