May 26, 2008

pernah terfikirkah?

Have you ever thought of what you might do/react in the event that you found that he/she were cheating? Yes? No? Or are you too scared to think of that possibility even occurring?

I think that most people deal with “breaking the news” easily. It’s like masuk telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri. At times like that, more often than not, people practice selective hearing. They hear what they want to hear and shut out anything that hurts too much. It’s just a way people survive.

It’s what you do after you finally come to terms with the news that matters. Because what you do subsequent to knowing about the affair is crucial to your survival and also to the future of your relationship.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could anticipate when he/she is about to cheat? Then, we would be able to sort out our thoughts better and think and re-think of all the possible options available so that we wouldn’t make the wrong decisions later on.

To be very honest, I cannot tolerate people who cheat. I cannot tolerate "accessories" to cheating either; especially women/girls who are aware that the guy is attached or taken. Sometimes, I wonder; where the hell did you chuck your dignity, dammit?? In his pants?

I know that sometimes it’s hard to resist when people talk nicely to you, but hey, some brain power should do the trick, you know? It’s not that difficult. Guys hit on girls, like it or not; taken or not; intentionally or unintentionally. So, if you already know that he’s attached, say “NO” next time, please?

Perhaps you’ve never thought of what you might do if you were in the other girl’s shoes kan? I bet you never thought of what the girlfriend or wife might feel. So, so selfish and insensitive. And some people have the cheek to tell the girlfriend to leave the guy? WTH. Please just go to hell.

And to guys, I know you’re blessed with satu nafsu yang tidak dapat dikawal, but if you’re committed, think and re-think before you let your lower brain take over your upper brain. It’s tough, but hey, just like with the girl, a little brain power goes a long, long way. Think of your partner la weyh. She’s not a stepford wife who’s been genetically modified to have a heart made of machine.

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