May 05, 2008


The fact remains that Aquarians THINK.TOO.MUCH. Period. I don’t know why but I think we all share the same disposition; not that we can help it or that we actually like it. That’s totally irrelevant anyways. Point is, we all like to think too much.

There are times when I think; is the grass really greener on the other side? After much observation and thinking (of course), I find that alot of people lead unsatisfactory lives, wishing that they were at the other side of the bank where people claim that the grass is greener.

In most cases, I think that the grass is actually not that green on the other side. It might be greener (just a little bit) but it doesn’t mean that our shade of green is any less unique. Get it? Sometimes, just sometimes, we wished for things which would never be. No wonder we’re so unhappy; we seem to be content in pining over what we don’t have. I wonder why we don’t just appreciate every living moment we are blessed with. Probably then, we would be able to see how green our green really is, yes?


Iezu said...

what if the grass on the other side is in fact much better and unique?

i mean...we can have a look-see at both sides than make a choice, no?

and what if our side of the grass is now brown and dead. we must move on don't we?


freespirited12 said...

well, that is in fact a very good way of looking at it. it's the same as looking at the glass half full or half empty..

if the grass on your side is in fact dead and brown and that there are no chances of growing new, greener grass, why not take that boat and jump to the other side.

i totally agree... but only when the necessity arises, that is..

and you are?

Iezu said...

an old friend

freespirited12 said...

okay then i know which iezu then. was afraid that my brother had developed a new hobby of stalking my blog. mail me your blog add would you? would love to know what's been up with u..

take care okay