May 29, 2008

love notes

Apart from the fact that Gerard Butler is a super hot guy, P.S. I Love You certainly has a certain significance to me which I cannot begin to explain. Honestly, it’s got a kind of attraction which is really unfathomable; just like the book which is without a doubt, the best love story ever created.

I watched it twice and cried on both occasions. It’s ridiculous, I know, but you should really watch it, then you be the judge. I was inspired by the movie that I made my own love notes for my Dearest. It’s honestly nothing, but I had fun making the notes (and hiding them!). And I thought he would take a longer time to find all 7 but he’s found 6 already. The last one is tough to find, trust me, love.

I’ve been so happy of late that it scares me. Seriously, it does. I’m always scared to be too happy at any one time, because just like the world, life too, is round and it cycles. At one point we’ll be on top, the next thing we know is that we’re crying our eyeballs out over nothing and everything.

I had a great chat with Deeba last weekend, comparing notes about the brothers. Ngee. They may look the same, but they are nothing close to similar in character and disposition. What I know is that... there are reasons why we are with someone... and I do believe that Abdul and I are destined for greater and better things. (though, sayang, I still do not agree with the superbike issue. I love it, but I don’t want to own one :P)

Other than that, I think we’re just going through a phase which all couples go through. We’re working on it pretty well, I guess. The renewal of vows (cheewah, macam pernah vow kah? Dlm hati ada la) and more transparent conversations are doing the trick. Though I must tell say this; DISTANCE, I hate you, umm... kind of hate you. You're making the heart grow fonder and the body grow thinner. haish.

I’ll save distance for another post.

Pictures of glowing, happy people here:

Ouh, here’s the 8th love note for Boxerfreak. I bet he won't find it. Ngee

I'm here alone didn't wanna leave, My heart won't move it's incomplete, If there was a way that I could make you understand. p.s: I will always love you!

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