May 14, 2008

ice cube junkie

Notice that it’s getting hotter and hotter day after day after day? Yes, the weather right now is absolutely crazy. It’s scorching hot that I cannot sit still in the car while the engine heats without feeling sweat trickle down my forehead, temples and on my scalp down to my neck into my tshirt/shirt!

And it’s been going on for days and days now though there are occasional showers just to cool things down. I think alot of us are becoming ice cube junkies. More and more iced drinks ordered at mamak stalls and at other restaurants in general. Like most people I know, I’ve become one of those ice cube junkies too! Iced chocolate in the afternoon and now mcflurry for dinner.

The chocolate and vanilla really doesn’t help in quenching the thirst from this hot and scorching weather, but hey, what do we care about. It brings enough comfort in knowing that the drinks and ice creams are icy and supposedly cooling.

I’ve become such an ice cube junkie. Wouldn’t it be nice to plop ice into our mouths all night long to keep the heat away. One bag of ice cube a day, keeps the heat away, away!

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