April 29, 2008

saya bossy

After the paper on Monday, Mami and I did a little de-stressing. We downloaded poco-poco and started “dancing”. Okay, no, I won’t lie, we weren’t dancing, we were just turning and turning some more. We should have put Nadnad, the poco-poco Queen on House Arrest so that she could teach us.

After all that sweating and panting and puffing and not getting anywhere, we realised what a great deal sweating really was (I know this is crazy but we’ve been stuck in air-conditioned rooms and halls all semester). Thus, we decided to take a walk the morning after. Which is today, that is.

Since I left my shoes in TTDI, the only logical thing to do would be to go back home, get my shoes and go walking at the Kiara Park. We met up with Azmi and did some power walking. Man, I feel good about myself. Hahaha

ultraman and peace maker

honeystar and mamita

hanging on for dear life... but Azmi was not hanging at all. too tall lah u

The thing about meeting up is that there would obviously be breakfast and gossip sessions, there being Azmi the story teller and Mami and I the contributors to the never ending LLB stories and so we all finally dispersed at around 10.30 a.m. before heading back to Shah Alam.

The rest of the day was pretty boring. I had to go to campus to submit our second last submission for this semester. Fuh, what a relief! And then it rained and I had to wait a while before I could get back to my car without getting a free shower. After that, I went to McD for a while and encountered some VERY brash kids. I’ll save this for another post, though, because there are just so many things to write about these inconsiderate, muka tak malu, very brash kids who I suspect aren’t even 16 yet.

Bottom line is, (this is very random and out of nowhere... and I know this is going to sound very silly... and bossy... but...

I must admit that I miss being boss and giving orders,

“Okay, please check your emails, I’ve listed down the list of things to do for next week, if anything nanti please let me know, okay?”

“Boss, camne nak buat ni?”

“Boss, camne nak buat itu?”

“Boss, I dah email dah to you my part of the work, tolong check if anything kena betulkan cakap okay”

“Terima kasih ketua syarikat”

“Baiklah ketua syarikat”

Does this mean I’m bossy?

Haih... I just miss my firm and my firm mates okay. I never thought I would come to this point but they have become more than just my firm mates, they have become my friends and confidantes because I spend 8 hours minimum with them per day.

machamanani? – gaya Dekda

Am I babbling? Yes, again and again.

I can’t wait for another 3 papers to end! Plans, plans and plans to execute! I cannot wait.

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