April 17, 2008

ni dia :)

random picture of last night's insomnia. at 2.30 a.m.

messy table. busy preparing for test. nampak tak dua benda cumil atas meja tu? and also satu balang chocolate given by my Mama dearest :)

bed yang bersepah. everything sleeps on it, but me.

tada! content of parcel number 1! cumil kan? i absolutely LOVE the details. so cantik. but being me, i'm so afraid i'm going to kotorkan. macam mana ni. takut nak pakai...

content of parcel number 2! equally nice kan! it's just so cute okay!

both side by side :)

but seriously, the terrible quality and pixels of my camera phone does not justify the beauty and cuteness of these clutches. i wish i had a better camera. but i don't so i'm just content.

thanks sayang for the presents! you made my day :)


Jinan said...

hi kakak
love the cluthes..esp yg black and white tuh..sgt cute!


btw, good luck for your finals!

freespirited12 said...

oh, yes! i love them too! flaunted the black one today and people were going gugu gaga. wait til i show off the white one. hee :)

thanks for dropping by my blog :)