April 14, 2008

suka tak puas hati. ish

I will not give up, I will not give up, I will not give up. Yes, I will not give up. It’s highly impossible to be all buoyed at this point, but I will not give up. (Psyching oneself really isn’t easy at all).

I just got back from lunch. It was fun. Many things discussed about and some things were pretty serious stuff but still, it was fun.

So, I really don’t get it when people make a big fuss about the definition of fun. I really don’t get it why people want to dispute stupid stuff and are dissatisfied with EVERYTHING, regardless of what. Sometimes, I get the impression that these kinds of people are merely raising issues to challenge whatever somebody else is saying. No matter how good somebody else’s suggestion, they just HAVE to challenge it.

Well, good luck to you in the real world out there. You may never get things to go your way ever again after this with that kind of attitude.

Okay. No more stressing out.

We’re all supposed to go to a farewell dinner tonight. But due to some dissatisfactions raised by the “batch”, it was called off. I’m kind of sad. I had been planning on what to wear for quite some time now since some of the things I bought from my shopping spree in Sg. Wang earlier this year have yet been worn. I’m really just looking for a reason to dress up. But since it’s been called off, I’ll have to find some other reason to wear something nice.

There’s a futsal tournament between classes tomorrow and I thought I wanted to jog a few days before. But... haha.. Who wakes up early during weekends? I really don’t know. So, haven’t been able to gain stamina. To compensate, I’m going to go and make pompoms now.

Took loads of pictures today. Will upload them later. Taa~~

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aliahafiza said...

kakak dearest,
i really enjoy reading ur blog although i'm bz with my work..haha... mmg final year xsedar diri..dont be supprised if i told u i waked up early this weekend just to jog..cant believe it rite??ok kakak,gtg..plenty of work waiting for me but just 'wat bodo' with it and have been wasting my sunday too much..hehehe...take care...hope to see u later..mmuah