April 11, 2008

saya busan

Actually, I don’t have class. So, I don’t know why in the first place I came into campus because the internet connection at home is better. At least I can log into friendster. But maybe that’s the reason why I came to class, if not I’ll be busy editing this and that. And besides, our lecturer decided to come to class just not to break the news about our marks. I’m so happpyyy!!! All our good work not gone down to waste. Very, very nice!

We’re all watching 27 dresses right now. it’s great that the School put a flat screen computer in class, now we get to watch free movies, with free keropok sponsored by Natrah. I absolutely LOVE Katherine Heigl okay. She’s very, very pretty and a good actress too. And dear old James Marsden is very handsome. He actually looks like Abdul (ha’ah la. New discovery :) ) And I want all her dresses (apart from those which are way, way too short. Ngee) At the same time, I’m trying to get my OP done. Mr. N came to class to check on whether or not we’ve done our OP already. Sibuk.

And I’m high on caffeine right now or is it sugar I’m high on? Either way, I have a headache, but I’m high. Ngee. I’m not making sense I know. Yesterday saw me in 2 trials at once. Defendant for the morning session and plaintiff for evening session. It’s pretty confusing but all in good fun, I guess.

I don’t know what I’m blabbering about. Can’t wait for next Saturday to end! Weeeee ~~~ after that I’ll be a free girl (apart from final exams, of course).

Til I have something better to blabber about :) good day

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