April 25, 2008

the headphone wants a break

I bought myself a pair of headphones with a microphone just now for only RM 9.90. I think I have been fully utilising it since this afternoon making calls to Abdul. I think now the headphone wants a break because I’m having trouble signing into YM. Of all times! I don’t know why. Is it just my YM or is everyone facing the same problem?

My exams start on Monday. I don’t know why I am so lazy. The BM paper is crazy difficult okay. It’s not making very much sense but I’m trying my best not to give up now.

Not talking about things is difficult. But giving simulations of the real thing is helping a great deal. It’s taking the heap off my chest a little bit. And not to mention the remnants of pain I’m feeling. Ah, never mind. Time will heal, so they say and so I hope.

I have to get down to work. I do not like Final Exams. Especially that this is my absolutely LAST final exams in UiTM insyaAllah. I do not see or smell a DL this semester. It’s just too tough to fight, I don’t know why. I have fallen.

Okay, okay. Back to work. Enough rambling.

//editted: YM dah boleh! yeay!

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