July 06, 2008

mengapa saya tak update?

So, where have I been to?

Just so you know, the full time blogger addict has decided to take up a more full time, stable, serious and paying job at Level 6, Putrajaya.

I can’t say much about my new job because I’ve only been there 4 days. The workload isn’t terrible... yet! But I’m already anticipating stacks of files as I’ve been attached to Unit One, which is apparently one of the most buzzing units around (iye ke?), but like I said, I shall reserve my comments until I’ve been there longer, then only would I be justified to make any comments, if any.

What’s important now is that I’m not alone as almost all of my friends are there, which saves me from the heartache of having to go to lunch alone.

The drive to and from work isn’t a bad thing since the traffic isn’t crazy, but having lived just next to my uni for almost 5 years, I’m not sure how much longer I can take the many turnings I have to make now just to get to work. Such a waste of time, all that travelling, though I don’t really mind as for now. For now.

Actually, I should just stop talking about work because in all honesty, I am still in denial, and still scared like shit of entering the working life. I shall reserve my comments about work until I’m ready to talk and blog about it.

Weekends are the best times on earth!

We had dinner at Ti Chal’s yesterday and we met up with the cousins. We’re planning to get together for Farah’s birthday end of this month. We also took many silly photos together and a very silly video. But I’m not sure how much I want to expose since it’s sort of very incriminating.

And I think weekends have been especially reserved for outings with Mamita since I’ve been going out with her for the past 4 weekends or so. We watched Sepi, which is worth every penny that I spent because it’s just one of those Malay movies that you expect would be good but turned out to be great!

It’s almost like snippets of this movie plus that movie but with twists of its own. Very unpredictable and very heart-warming. It did get a tiny bit gory at one point and I wish that the girl behind me didn’t have to burst the bubble and spill the surprise. But nevermind, pity her she has a big blabbering mouth, cannot keep secret.

Other than that, I’m just enjoying the remainder of my weekend because I have a 2-day course starting tomorrow and more work after that. And forever and ever after that. Can I stay forever a student, but with money, please?

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