July 16, 2008

God-Awful Painful SCB.

I crossed the parking lot with my blue umbrella. I kept on walking despite the soft ground giving way beneath my feet. It’s been raining really hard. Evidence all around the grounds of our Musee du Louvre. I’m walking really fast. If I were on holiday, I’d probably be sleeping in this weather.

But now and today, I need one thing and one thing only. I’m in dire need to cry.

My chest hurts from all the emotions I have (hopefully) compressed up until Mami gave me a call to ask about the Convo forms.

Time spent in the car was just to let all those emotions flow freely. Tears, tears and more tears streamed down my face. It’s painfully painful. It’s a God-awful feeling that I can’t even start to explain.

And I get very emotional over these things. So be it. I let soppy sappy emotional songs play so that I can cry more. Everything hurts. Chest, throat, eyes, brain.


I didn’t even think of lunch although I’d soon hyperventilate from non-consumption of rice.

And still, after bucketful of tears, it all still hurts.

1 comment:

shap3@r said...

kak, what happened babe? tears and emotional songs. something isn't right ni. i hope you'll feel better soon. please makan okay.

anyways, the other day i bumped into jinan at midvalley. she said you two kerja sama tempat now. how's working life?

take care sweets! xx