July 13, 2008

what are they looking for?

What are they looking for?

This week alone, there have been approximately 3 roadblocks which are within my knowledge. I don’t know if there have been more on roads which I have not been using, but for me, 3 out of 7 days is evidence that something is very wrong with our country that we have to block roads all the time.

I know it’s neither prudent nor very smart to tell what or who they are looking for (because obviously those whom they are looking for might run away), but not knowing what the authorities are looking for just makes people want to lift their middle finger. The traffic today, like every other day with a roadblock was just terrible.

We don’t know who or what they were looking for, but they sure did not have that serious I-must-catch-you expression, which made us want to lift our middle finger even more. We know that one of the main reasons of such traffic is because our ‘honourable’ DS has no-class mentality which spells; Malaysians must bring every single piece of dissatisfaction to the streets!

As if we have nothing better to do than listen to hedonistic and sometimes even nonsensical ideologies which have all proven to be words which do not work, it beats me as to why people join because I don’t see the point. And it beats me as to why the authorities hold roadblocks because if these nonsensical people choose to go to nonsensical gatherings, we should let them stay in their nonsensical bubble perhaps?

I know, I know; prevention is better than cure. But I tell you what... no one can prevent a person from thinking and doing nonsensical things, nor can anyone cure a nonsensical person. Let’s not waste our resources on this nonsense and concentrate on preventing the escalating crime in our country, shall we?

As for me, I am looking for a flat and a flatmate. A good flatmate. Another Mami, perhaps?

I find that this is the most difficult thing for me to do right now. I’m a fussy flatmate, okay? I admit that. I want someone who will clean toilets and sweep hair-laden floors without me having to drop hints. I like people who clean the kitchen and sinks after they cook and not sumbat everything into the fridge and then forget.

I like conscientious people who are afraid to gobble other people’s food without permission, knowing that it will all become darah daging, one day. I like people who can understand the fact that I sometimes need privacy and let me have it. I would like someone to understand that talking in the morning is not my forte, which is why I don’t go to work with my mother as I find comfort in silence and solace in solitude.

And I would like tidy, open-minded, tolerant and most importantly conscientious people who respect my space and whom I can trust to tell things to and cry my heart out to. Sounds so much like Mami, doesn’t it?

So, any takers?

this is my 150th post, btw. i don't know what the significance is but i see ppl getting excited at 100. so, i'm belated by 50 posts. and proud of it.


Iezu said...

i'm SO not a morning person too! sometimes, the mere sound of someone's voice could get me all riled up! very the drama...

freespirited12 said...

in that you're definitely not alone at all!
and try getting PMS. God, even a whisper is excruciating on some days!


yayahafiza said...

i understand what u mean kakak...
i've experienced having a hosmate who love to scream for no reason..haih~
all da best kakak....:D