July 07, 2008

gained it... and random posts like always.

i just transfered some quite old photos from my camera.
i've been wanting to do it for quite some time but the lazy in me is definitely much stronger than my will.
padahal tasusah pon.

they're in no particular order. i always forget how it's supposed to be uploaded. latest first or oldest first. but never mind.

this is from one of my outings with fiqss. the burger i ate was so-so. so, i'm gona try something else next time i go. but the fries are to die for la weyh. sangat sedap ok the fat chips.

this is the i duno how manieth attempt at taking a decent photo. we've been out the entire day by the time we took this photo so takisa la with all the minyak and stuff on the face. ahha

visiting adik at college. she got no eyes issit? no la, she's just being silly. ahahah

this was at Ti Chal's place last weekend in Nina's room. we are a bunch of super-camwhores, i think we should make it a full time job, no?

darlings let's not grow up too fast. they are barely 20 and i look like one of them, yes? i know, i know, so perasan, but seriously. let us not grow up too fast and conquer crazy moments like this with happy hearts, with no regrets.

okay, okay. enough for now.

more camwhoring pictures later if i am rajin. i love the course that i am attending right now. seriously, i wanta be a student forever...

but seriously, i should get serious because i can't be that unless i wanta be broke forever too.

so, i will get down to serious work on wednesday.
and i need to lose weight.
i've finally gained it.


yayahafiza said...

nk pakai bj rasmi tu lg la...
missed those good old days :)

fiqss said...

hey did u by any chance edit our pic before uploading it?

nampak less oily lah muka!

had a great time ;)

freespirited12 said...

ahahha. manada edit!
this was the god-knows-manieth attempt at it, okay. that's why its less oily.