July 22, 2008

panggilan langit tujuh petala.

//shall be edited in due time with pictas. right now doing work. but i'm still a 3/4 time blogger i think (?!)

okays, edited with pictas. lots of it.

It is at times like this that I wished I didn’t have to go to work. I’m such an ungrateful brat, don’t you think? When the entire nation is cutting down on costs and freezing positions in the Govt., I landed myself a job. Yet here I am today, sitting here, thinking of what I might want to do the moment I finish my bond with JPA.

And it’s also at times like these that I wish last weekend didn’t have to end. Seriously. Last weekend was one of the most adventurous and thrilling weekends I’ve had in weeks! Or is it months?

I do not regret giving up my beauty sleep at all. And many thank you(s) and smooches to Mr. Blue for coming all the way from Penang. Though he had other things to settle and yours truly of course, had work to do, we managed to spend lots of quality hours together.

( terima kasih awak kerana melayan bapak di shopping mall. you know how mama and I can be when we are engrossed in choosing stuff :p )

We went to the reptile exhibition in OU at the heed of Mr. Blue’s persuasion.

berani kan dia? pegang ular macam tu phone cord. haha. atau roti boy?

Despite my earlier objections (I cannot help my fear of reptiles and all things that crawl!), I really did enjoy myself. It was quite an experience for me. I got to hold a monkey, though I’m still quite disappointed that it refused to look at the camera when we were taking photos. Dengan Abdul okay saja(!!? )

albino lizard!

semart lah picta ni. ahahaha

tgk ni. dengan abdul dia nak gang...

dengan saya tanak pandang dah!

And we also watched The Dark Knight. Now, I’ve read a lot of comments and reviews on this movie in blogs, papers and articles alike. And what I’m about to say is not just for the sake of not wanting to jump on the bandwagon, but it’s also because it is genuinely what I feel about the movie.

To me, it was just okay. I know this is a very unpopular opinion that many may disagree with. But Seriously. It was nothing that I fancied much to begin with; what with all the fighting and bombing and fire and things like that. I already know the tricks so they didn’t seem so real anymore. Or have I just grown older? And it did get a tad bit draggy at one point because I remember that we were getting ready to get off our seats and suddenly there were more scenes.

So, yes, I think it was a so-so movie. Though, Heath Ledger (R.I.P) played his manic, Joker part pretty damn well, so I will salute him for that at least. But other than that, I’d rather watch Alvin and the Chipmunks, no joke! (So I guess I haven’t really grown up that much, considering my preference in movies)

Other than that, Mr. Blue and I had a series of silly (read: crazy) photoshoots, which made my mom come downstairs because we were giggling real loud at our own silly faces.

Officially, we are both supercamwhores and super self-timers. Yes! Finally, I get to fully utilize this function in the camera!

sibuk nak sangat amik gamba new tshirts he got for us downtown. thhihih.

arale! arale!

ouh, yes, he loves bapak's car...

macam kena papparazzo tak?

more of showing off our tshirts. i think mine is super smart lah!

And just a word from me on relationships; if you really want to know what it feels like to really appreciate you partner, try not seeing him for 4-6 weeks. Nothing beats that feeling. Even if you’ve gone in and out of fights, silly misunderstandings and more silly stuff couples just have to do, nothing beats seeing his face and asking, “how are you and how was your flight.” Hehe. Just a humble thought, btw. I’d probably be happy (read: ecstatic! weehu!) if Mr. Blue moved to KL or Melaka permanently. Who wouldn’t, eh?

akibat amik gamba ikut tinggi si pendek.

ihih. apakah ini?

wheelbarrow model

picta reads: i love my job, i hate my boss. can we eat now?

and at this point, we were just being plain silly.
dua kali tgk macam hindustan pulak

and became sillier... and sillier...
actually ni macam comel sebenarnya.

as the day got hotter, and the time to say byebye came nearer. i've said bye for approximately 6 times (yes, 6 kali sahaja berjumpa) this year face to face and i still can't take it well. how?

And we had the thrill of our lives on Sunday! Thank God he didn’t miss the flight! Ahahah. It was a bit like Explorace really but Alhamdulillah, we managed to think of and also find alternatives so that all that money paid for the ticket wouldn’t turn out to be such a waste.

Ouh, saya terlupa. Abdul telah mendapat panggilan langit tujuh petala. If you’re his blog reader, you might just understand (winkwink) thhhiih.

So, when’s our batting cage and bowling outing?

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