July 24, 2008


Never compare yourself to anyone....

That would be like insulting yourself.

Smart isn’t it? I saw it on my colleague’s laptop; it’s her screen saver. It might be her own quote, but she might have also gotten it off somewhere. If I find out, I will definitely give credit to that brilliant person for the big boost in self-esteem.

Though, really, I have no self-esteem issues to begin with.

Alot has been going on in Malaysia of late. As much as I’d like to comment on some of them, I’d really rather not because I don’t think commenting on anything would change anything. So, let’s not waste my 2 cents eh?

Work is starting to pile up but I have no complaints because it makes the hours in a day fly by faster. That means the wait for the clock to strike 5 would not be so agonising. I’m just taking everything at a stroll because I’m not ready to recreate my workaholism mistakes during Honours, Part II especially.

Since we're on the topic of current issues and what not, why must the price of fuel be this expensive? I remember once upon a time ago, it was merely RM 60 for a full tank. And that allowed me to practice driving around KL and what not. At that time, I remember driving in and out of KL, driving to and from Shah Alam. Driving around to take the stress away. Driving around just for the sake of driving.

I had no squabbles to go and see friends even if they were at the other end of town because it didn’t burn a hole in my pocket.

Now, not only does it burn, it literally rips out whatever savings I have from my being prudent during my varsity years.

Memang silaturrahim goyah akibat harga-harga naik ni.

I should go off now. I’ve nothing very interesting to blog about.

But I’ve made quite a huge decision and I’m a tad bit scared of it. I know I can still turn back but... you know... it’s just not in me. Or maybe I’m just being paranoid?

Maybe. Let’s pray that it was a good decision that I made. Amin.

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