March 01, 2010

a good friend.

I now believe that procrastination is one of the "best" friends one can have when working. It's not so much about being lazy etc., though there are occasional moments when you wished you could just forget about the work piling in your workstation. It's more of those times when you know you could make better use of that time, but always comfort yourself by making yourself believe that there is time. I've got time. I've got time. I've got time. So to speak.

I don't have it REALLY. I've never had this kind of attitude before. I'm amazing myself with the amount of things I let pile and fall off. I'm resolved to solve them very, very soon because I'm feeling so lost at the moment.

I have 3 reports to complete. I don't know how I'm going to get at all this done with so many other things going on around me and in my head. And why do I like to sleep so much? It's as if I'm covering for all those years of sleeping I missed out when I was in College and Uni. Never ever wake me up at 5.45 a.m. again unless you're ready to face H the Hulk.


There are so many new faces in this place today. 3 to be exact and I don't really know them at all. I wonder when I'm going someplace new. Or will I never? I think it's time for a run. Because a good long run is what I'll be needing to make me feel better.

Get me the time, please?

Here I go again, procrastinating when I have 3 reports to do and a whole bundle of issues to look at. I'm so screwed =.="

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