March 02, 2010

Okay I'm Married.


Guys, come on you can't be serious? Obviously I was joking when I decided to accept Abdul's request to name me as his spouse. Much as I love the idea of being married to him, do you seriously think that I would be this UNEXCITED if I were really, really getting married?

I mean, would I really be able to keep my mouth this shut? Wouldn't my blog be full of stories of how and when I'd be getting married, etc.? Haha. You're all so funny. Some even went to the extent of messaging me personally to ask when I got married.

You all know how excited I get about other people's weddings, so mine wouldn't be any different, right?

Or would it? Hahahaha.

Anyways, if you can't wait to dengar pukul kompang, please call 03- 9383 1978

And if you really want great tasting food and good service, call 03-2698 8302

Semua adalah nombor sebenar, harap maklum.

Actually, on second thoughts you won't hear much of anything from me if I were really getting married ;)

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