March 03, 2010

bedak badan wangi.

Hello, ladies. I'm wondering, how much make up do you apply daily? I still own a two-way foundation which I never oops very seldom use and lipstick in 2 colours (kot?? ) and a very juvenile collection of all else. If my mom didn't give me one of her Dior sticks, I think I would still be with the one and only lisptick I bought because I just don't wear make up. Not even lipgloss.

(sikit macam tah hapa-hapa kan)

Why? Well, first is because I don't like the time I need to spend getting ready and second is because I need to spend an equally long time to get it off at the end of the day and if I don't do it properly, my skin will break. So, I decided, it would save me all that trouble if I didn't bother with it at all to begin with.

(Sebenarnya, adalah lebih afdal jika saya mengaku saya tak pandai je kan?) ---> this is partly the reason why too.

Anyways, I was looking through some old (meaning when I was about 21 et cetera. the ones before that are alot more horrendous) photos and this was the expression plastered on my face o.O.

Last Raya, I asked my cousin (who always seems to look all dolled up) what make up she uses and to my surprise, she told me that she only uses talcum powder. Okay, I didn't believe her because come on... talcum powder don't make you look good right?

But since we are family and our skin have the same sensitivities, I believed her and let her try out on her face for me to follow suit. Wah, menjadi tanpa menjadi gomak! Jerawat pon tak menyemak! Thereafter, I decided to follow through with the talcum powder regime and I'm happy to say that at least nampak la powdered sikit rather than muka berminyak tak ingat dunia.

But there are only so many choices of talcum powder in the market now, right and of course, most of us would run to Johnson's & Johnson's since it has been there for ages and is obviously a reputable brand. But! But! There are other brands in the market which you might never have thought of using one of them being Cuticura.

I know! It has a funny name right? But we grew up seeing my late grandmother use it. And last week, I don't know why she crossed my mind so often that I just HAD to buy it! And my existing talcum powder was just finishing too, so, it was kind of good timing actually.

My verdict? If you are used to the sweet smelling scent of J&J, you would feel like Cuticura smells a tad bit medicinal. The texture is a little bit coarser too, but hey! No shine for many long hours, baybeh! So, that works well for me. So long as the eyebags are covered, I don't look like gomak and my mom doesn't give me a long lecture about looking like "orang dah beranak 10", I'm fine.

In case you're wondering which is Cuticura, nah, here's a photo ;)

(the one in orange OBVIOUSLY!)


zhmt said...

hahhaha our family still use cuticura till now! good for babies too :)

freespirited12 said...

eheh. that's good to know! ingat tak de orang dah guna this brand :)