March 19, 2010

hoppety hop!

Today is the day that all our hard work for the past 3 weeks will finally pay off. No, we are not sure that we will win it. We're not even sure we will be considered because around here, that's the way it works. There's a certain kind of stereotyping which slaps "Not Good Enough" on our foreheads, no matter how good we are. So, we're all in for the fun, actually. Which is good. Which is exactly how I want it to be.

I feel so good that I managed to get the boat rowing in the same direction and that everyone in it is rowing together. It feels amazing.

I'm currently on a blog hopping frenzy and this post is going to sound just as hoppy since my mind's obviously not here entirely. I just received a friendly reminder message from my lil' cousin. I think I should pay heed to her message for fear that I turn into her fiend. And I don't want that to happen because I still need her. Hehehe..

Oh God, I just remembered that I left my newly renewed road tax at home. Let's hope I don't get stopped or else, I'll have to bring the mata-mata back to my house just to prove that I have done the necessary already.

By the way, I'm kind of stuck on a particular photographer's work. His work is outstanding to say the least. I think he's got the neck for "moments". Get it? The type who will capture your photo when you're not looking yet make you look so good all the same.

I don't know if I will be level or even half as great as that.

At the rate that I am going, my photography is basically going downhill. (Sebab charger battery pon boleh terlupa bawak). Tsk.

We saw something during lunch which took our breaths away. It was so amazing that that's all we talk about right now.

My friend just commented on the state of my room. She came in and said, "OMG your room looks like...." and I finished it for her "Like a storeroom". Actually, it looks alot like a pigsty. We're sending props we didn't use yesterday down to the back of the hall to avoid traffic at the elevator later on.

I can't wait to be done with tonight! I hope my team does well!

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