March 03, 2010

stress ball.

I'm going to get myself a stress ball. But no, I'm not going to squeeze it each time I get worked up about something. I'm just going to slam it against the wall so that my neighbour gets the point. Or will he not? I wish he would just shut up so that I don't have to put the volume on maximum. In that case, I don't think the rubbery stress ball will do. A basketball is better. That'll teach him a lesson.

Can someone get him out of my sight, please? The fact that my PMS is worse than normal isn't helping that much either. I'm so annoyed, I feel like storming up to his room to tell him to SHUT UP because I have taken it for almost a year now and hey, nasib baik rambut banyak is in my genes, if not, dah botak kepala aku tahu tak???

I wonder what kind of scene I will create if I lose my temper. Here, right here at the office. After all, I'm not well-known for losing it.

I'm supposed to have a futsal session with officemates today but I forgot my shoes. AGAIN. When will I learn? Must remember to be better tomorrow or else.

I've got some anger/stress management issues this month. Harap maklum. Must be the duit keluar macam air factor.

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