March 10, 2010


Why is everybody I'm calling this afternoon NOT picking up? Haish. My desk looks like a pigsty, sort of. I've eaten my express lunch and I don't know why I'm feeling a tad sickly at the moment. Must be the minyak. Tsk.

I need to settle some things pronto but right now, even multitasking is sort of an understatement. I feel like I can't do anything when there are just too many things to do. Tsk.

My mind is so preoccupied at the moment that whenever someone asks me to do something, the best answer I can give is that "I'll try". No promises okay. Boleh pulak. But I need to do that. I need this time for myself.

Every lunch hour has become conspiracy time for me and my mom. She's the only person who has returned my call so far. Chet. Someone's been busy, I see. Hehehe. Mothers can be comel and nervewrecking at the same time. Now, how is that possible again?

I've got 2 meetings today alone. I've got no mood to dig into my work. Though the 2 involves work as well, but it's just a different kind of work. My colleague whom I have to work on something will have 2 meetings tomorrow and our work is due Friday. Yeay to us and our unpredictabe lives!

I cannot wait for weekly main bola tomorrow. I need a good run and if possible a good scream of some sort to let go of all this tension! Ke adrenaline. Ke apa? I don't know. And why is it that I am sooo hungry although I have eaten rice for lunch. Express lunch la sangat kan.

Sebenarnya memang takda motif post ini. I just needed to let something go because I feel so lonely since I am alone in the office. Yeay for me.

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