March 12, 2010

guess who's back?

adik: akak, bontot akak dah besar.

akak: whatt????? akak dah gemuk eh.

adik: taklah. bontot akak dah besar.

akak: ala, rupa dia buruk eh?

adik: taklah. rupa dia okay.

akak: you sure or not?

adik. iye. now you look like a normal 25 year old.

akak: what???? o.0.

now what is that supposed to mean? selama ni tak normal eh

>.< tsk.

oh, yes. she's back in town alright. i'm anticipating "pipi akak makin comel" comments. hey, orang kuat makan kuat tidur, mesti la tembam. ish budak bertuah ni. welcome home si kecik.


abduls said...

bontot besar? wakakakakakakakaka....

freespirited12 said...

hahahahahahaha. baru JLo skit ;p

tasha said...

bestkan ada little sister? memang dapat honest comments all the time haha kita sama lah kakak!

freespirited12 said...

itu la syiok gile sometimes the things they can say to you that no one else dare says! pedas tapi benar tapi tak kisah at the same time! hahahaha

Fiza Pushie said...

i am the other way around. i told my little sister she's fat. hahahaha. and occasionally she was like, "k.fizah kenape ko kurus?" hahaha

freespirited12 said...

miahahaha. tapi takpe pushie. awak kakak. you are allowed to say anything you want. hahaha