March 07, 2010

choosing lights.

(picture googled)

I didn't know that choosing lights could be one tedious job. It's not as easy as just wanting the place to be lighted etc., it also involves the right mixing and matching so that the place does not look like an accident. And the way I see it, if we rush into matters, we're going to create an accident.

My sister once asked me how I would decorate a place if I had the chance to and I immediately answered "Comtemporary style", not really knowing what it meant or looked like. And yet, when we walk into Home Centers or Ikea or any interior design shops, I tend to subconsciously turn to more rustic/rural things. I guess contemporary is not for me after all.

I have this inexplicable obsession with English decors and all things white. Take Garden at The Curve for example. White chairs, white flowers, white tables and all else white. It's by far the most difficult to maintain, yet there is a certain class about it (white) that gives an impression that it so exclusive although it might not be.

There's another thing which I am obsessed with and they are globes. Everything my hand points to is in a shape of a globe. I don't know where I got this rationale from but it just makes a place feel alot more homey somehow. To me at least.

In the end, all I can say is, there is a reason why they created Interior Designing Courses in universities. It is to help helpless people like myself to avoid making an accident out of such a beautiful place.

Any final year Interior Designing students looking for a project to work on? Email me at and then maybe we could work things out, ey?

Time to go and scout for new ideas. Taa!


Dokter faRyn said...

memang boleh pitam nak pilih lampu. me and hubby merayau-rayau satu melaka to find lampu-lampu yang perfect yet come with a reasonable price for our new home :)

good luck!

freespirited12 said...

thanks faryn!
mmg penat sangat ok. semalam naik sakit tengkuk tengok lampu with my mom. last-last bukan beli pon. susah nak pilihhh! haih laaa... susah betul. hehe good luck to you as well!