March 20, 2010

last night.

Last night was one of the happiest nights of my working life. Yet, last night was one of the saddest ones too. I felt like I let my team down. Even if I was not the one who let them down. There were certain unavoidable surrounding circumstances which were... unavoidable I guess? Although we knew at some point that nothing we do would ever be good enough, last night, we knew we deserved the recognition. That's the least they could have done; to grant us what is due to us. But they didn't.

No one is willing to admit an underdog as a champion. No one wants to acknowledge the fact that we were good. Not even when the Top Most Man and all his colleagues were laughing their hearts out throughout the 6 minutes of fame in which we made our break. We knew that everyone had the time of their lives last night. We knew that the cast, crew, audience, supporters and non-supporters alike loved it. But, of course, the people who loved it and love us are those without the powers in their hands.

We know that better respect could have been given to us and to our Division. It's not about the prize because we never even knew what the prize was to begin with. It's about our pride. And I have a very proud team and for that, my heart breaks every time I try to tell them that it's okay. Because I'm not okay too.

All that aside, we raked in so many good reviews. My very honest bosses were so impressed, they found themselves gaping at my team's talent at some point when the performance was being aired. Yes, we were that good. I loved all the last minute improvisations that my team made and how they managed to do it so flawlessly as if it were all part of the plan. They did me good. They make me so proud. I almost cried last night when they performed; not only because they are my team, but because they were really, really good. Trust me. I will post a video once I get hold of one.

Congratulations to my supportive team. I have never worked with this kind of team before whose dedication is unfailing and whose support, love and cooperation towards each other promise nothing other than greater heights. I am sorry if I let you down. But trust me, in my heart you are all winners in your own right. You did me good and gave me one of the best 3 weeks in my working life for me to remember always.

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