March 05, 2010

main bola malam-malam.

I finished work at around 7+ yesterday. Was contemplating whether or not I should brave the KL traffic. I got in the car and started driving. Still didn't know whether I was going (or not). After all, either way, I still needed to go on MEX. But instead of taking the Kuchai Lama exit, I went straight. I just knew that I HAD to go to Sports Planet though there was every possibility that I was going to be late. The traffic was surprisingly okay that I found myself gaping. And since Lynn had kindly mapped out the directions for me complete with landmarks, this second time round felt alot easier.

I reached there just in time. And boy, I had the time of my life last night! I didn't forget my shoes this time and the number of attendees was just enough to give me a good run.

But every time I go there, I know that I am not there just for the fun. I would like to believe that where games/sports are concerned, I am a born athlete. I get the game and want to play it right. All games apart from ball games apart from futsal of course. Okay that ayat was confusing.

Well anyways, thing is, I know what I am good at where futsal is concerned. And I'm not about to disclose what it is (since there might be potential "competitors" from other Divisions reading this. sorry kawan-kawan hee hee. kita kawan tapi futsal kita lawan sikit-sikit). But I'm not too sure why I don't use it to my advantage. Even Abdul remarked the same thing after he followed me to one of my futsal practices.

But last night, I was directed by Pojie (newly met friend of a friend) to take up a particular position. That position made me less tired and I found out that it suited me so well and my potential was maximised.

Last night wasn't my best game though. I only scored one goal in an hour. And I found out that goalkeeping is not for me, no sirree. Saya takut bola kena muka. Kata vain kan. Dan badan tak cukup isi nak tahan bola walaupun cubaan memakan makanan menggemukkan telah giat dijalankan sekian lama. Sopex si Slim saja the only amazing one yang boleh tahan bola dengan hebat sekali.

I now know how I can fully contribute to the game and want to try that out if I join the other team this Sunday. And I now know that in every good game, there will always be good strategists who recognise the potentials in their team. Orang begini, saya suka. Must remind myself to look for one for my own team.

It's good to know that I have not been going to practices in vain ;)

Seronok gila main bola malam-malam though my dad who called this morning tak faham apa yang best sangat. Maybe I should bring him to one of my sessions ey, heh.


zhmt said...

kak ! sorry i didnt pick up ur call few nights ago. I was trapped(should i use this word?) in a meeting, didnt expect it to be extended. Hope next time i'll be able to join the team :)

freespirited12 said...

itulah.was wondering jugak what happened to u. Nemind. Next week okays! Cu. Take care