March 09, 2010

jam satu come quick

Much as I'd like to clear this pile on my table, my hungry tummy is hampering me big time. It's growling every few seconds and there's nothing that I can do apart from think of what would make good lunch.

I wonder if you've been at the end where you got the ball rolling and suddenly, you don't know what to do or what will happen. Will the ball roll or will it return to you? Either way, you feel like it's way (too much) out of your control and you don't like it. But I know it's just me overthinking + I like to dream of sad endings so that when something good happens out of it, at least I know that we did something right. Oh, yes, I can be morbid like that, you see.

Remember I was talking about decorating, etc.? People always tell me to work around my favourite colours. But I've got to say that that's not  even easy. I've got 4 favourites; light pink, pastel green, off white and red. Yeah, I know the first 3 can be mixed and matched but that would make everything look like marshmallow and I don't even like marshmallow (unless it is with hot chocolate). Red is totally off altogether right, because it is at the other extreme end of colours. I'm so pening.

It doesn't help that everyone has something to say about everything. Tsk. I must learn to put my foot down somehow although I won't be paying ;p

When is lunch hour cominnnnggg? I'm so hungry right now, I've come to that point where I don't know what to eat! Fai is in town and I'm off for lunch with him. It's been a while since we last talked and we sort of need this updating-each-other-session. Heee.

Tick tock tick tock. I need lunch pronto.


farah said...

dropping hints i see? *wink* haha

freespirited12 said...