January 14, 2010

theodore and friends.

Tsk. I forgot to bring Theodore today. Okay, so I did see him in the camera bag before I switched the light off this morning on my way to work, but I didn't think I would need him now. Okay, I don't really need it, really, considering the nature of my job, but sometimes, during these mundane hours, there are things which capture my heart, which I should make immortal. Oh, well.

The camera fever is back again. The last time I felt like this was during Ramadan when I just HAD to have the prime lens. And I finally got it. Ahhhhh. Suka! And now, I want the wide-angle lens because they give such dramatic effects to the photos!

This is all because I'm in the habit of photoblog-hopping these days. Some of the photos they capture are really exquisite, I tell you. And the most amazing thing is that I am sure that they didn't need to tweak or edit it too much to make the photo look breathtaking. Just the kind of photographers I like, yeap!

Because I don't edit my photos either (cheewwwah, berlagak photographer padahal tak pun). I believe that the raw photos are the best (unless there is an exceptionally dire need for editting of course. dah kalau buruk sangat takkan nak biar buruk pulak, dahla aku pon tak berapa nak cantik, haip!).

Well, of course I can't afford to buy a wide-angle lens with the amount of cash in my bank right now. I can probably treat myself with a battery pack and also flash unit right now. But, after Googling about cameras, I found that I don't really need a wide-angle lens after all as there is such a thing as a CONVERTER! Iyeay! And it fits a 52mm ring, one which I have and I cannot wait for the weekends to come. Cepat cepat cepat I need to go to the camera shop.

Or maybe... Should I get a credit card so that I can satisfy this craving. Maybe I should. Kan? Tsk. So damn tempting I tell you. Like really.

 I should really get back to work tapi tak boleh berhenti fikir about these gadgets. Haip, haip! I need to behave. But I still want this weekend to come quick. Tak kisah.

**photo googled**

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