January 02, 2010

laugh and cry. live and die.

There are several blogs I frequent, on which I seldom leave footprints behind. But it's nice to read what people want and hope for this new year 2010.

I quit making resolutions quite some time ago though. It was either because I was too busy to want to resolve on doing something, or I was just afraid that I would not be able to fulfil them.

But after reading Lynn's blog, I knew that my reasons are like hers exactly: I do not want to have any expectations out of this new year.

Having resolutions somewhat raises expectations a few bars up. It may not necessarily be an obvious evil, but sometimes, that's what makes life so difficult to enjoy. I combed through my old posts and laughed to see that my first resolution for the year 2009 was to tidy my room.

Look at how 2009 turned out for me! I never expected it to be perfect, yet in so many ways (despite the roller-coaster rides), it was just perfect on so many levels.

I can go through one by one what exactly happened throughout last year, but I know that that isn't necessary.

This year, I just want to laugh more, live more and learn more.

I leave the rest for Allah to decide. Amin.

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