January 20, 2010


21 minutes. That's the amount of time I have.

I have something that I must, by all means submit upstairs, but today is (quite) a lazy day. To be honest, I would like nothing more than just to curl up in bed with a good book. It doesn't help that I'm sleepy.

Quitting coffee is becoming more and more out of the question. Even if I didn't feel as sleepy as I am right now, I keep thinking about it. It haunts me. I will have to forget what it does to my system and I believe that I shouldn't be too worried anyway, since one cup a day is all I consume. I'm still going to drink tea for secret reasons though.

Last night, before I went to bed, I got a call from an anonymous number. Naturally, I hesitated to answer, but I picked it up anyway. I was met with silence from the other end of the line. Pffftt. I'm suspecting that it was my brother. But the lines have been really bad lately and that has hampered us from our gayut sessions.

Last night, I thought of all the people I have shut out of my life. Both for reasons known and unknown. I have a belief that if I cannot stand someone, the best way is by laying low and staying out of the radar. It's not really a good practice and of course, it doesn't solve problems, but it sort of works. As temporary as the effects may be, it works. Really.

It's clear that my inspirations have run dry of late. I think it's time to take some time off, but tell me again, when would that be?

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