January 07, 2010

Like a Challenge

It's often that we find ourselves in a tough spot where we can't say or do anything, because we feel so... challenged.

I have quit being angry when people tell me things which hurt me. I quit taking offence. Because I know that although only a few people know the truth, it is okay. I'm okay so long as the real truth is a known fact. By me and the few that matter to me.

I believe that I am here for a reason, and that reason is a noble one. I may not and never be the best around but there are people around me whom I look up to, whom I aspire to be one day.

This is the first blow of the year but I have taken blows for a year and a half now and hey, I'm still okay.

Somehow, I am challenged to do a better job out of my already good one.

I know that only a diamond can cut a diamond, thus only a diamond can recognise one of it's own kind.

I know those who have and can. And because of that, I'm okay.

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