January 17, 2010

fuzzy wuzzy.

Last night, I was at my auntie's place for atuk's birthday. I had been excited about it for the entire week because I hadn't met my cousins since Raya Haji! Such a record. So, I was really waiting for last night to finally arrive.

As usual, we get nothing less than good food when we go for family potlucks because everyone sort of brings their favourite dishes (and atuk's as well). The biskut cornflakes and all else chocolate were obviously big hits with the Cucus for obvious reasons.

And the company... aaaah. I smile thinking of last night and how good it is to know that no matter how much older we grow, we're all still the same little girl underneath it all. It's nice to know that no matter how sucky the world got, you've always got family watching your back. Bliss!

We met Fah's new beau last night and I must say, he is one smart guy, who can be quite bad for our (mine and Becka's) self-esteem. But I have a good feeling he's good for Fah. Different, but good. He's got a firm handshake too, so that's a good start ;)

We played so many games last night and I've finally come to the conclusion that my creative side of the brain is quite grossly underutilised. I overthink things and never think that the conclusion is on the surface as I see it. But this morning, I logged on to FB and read Becka's status update. And the lightbulb just lit! It dawned on me that there's nothing wrong with me, I'm just different! Hahaha.

Well, anyways. We played some personality quizes last night, and that made me realise that I don't have that many expectations in life. The biggest expectation was probably Eric Bana? Hahaha. I know it's just a game but what it reflects is sort of worrying. But, like we were assured last night, IT.IS.JUST.A.GAME.

I've got to stop over-analysing the issue.

I do have explanations though as to why I limit my dreams. Really. Because sometimes, when I dream too much, I get frustrated. The simplest things frustrate me, like how I'm supposed to have a futsal session today and then, it was cancelled. It's beyond anybody's control, but it frustrates me. So, there goes.

Eih. This was not supposed to be for that purpose. Whatever it is, I am so glad we met last night sayangs. We took less photos than usual, but it was still best gila nonetheless. Jums buat makan-makan lagi. Whose house is next?!

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